Work Health And Safety Policy

ABK labour hire always expect our employees to be working in a safe working place and come home to their families in good health every and have the confidence to look out for their fellow workers as well for a super safe work environment.


Keeping healthy a good diet enough sleep and exercise to be able to work help your focus as well to keep you at the top of you game and have great focus on your day’s tasks.


Working within and the wide range of occupations, but we also want to keep our focus on taking care of our environment and minimise our impact leaving our surrounding with the smallest impact we can and keeping our work place neat and tidy as possible which also keeps us safer in our work place.


Our safety systems are reviewed audited on a regular basis to ensure that our performance and people are never compromised. We have an OH&S Management System to ensure compliance with relevant OH&S legislation, standards, and codes of practice. As a result, we are able to mitigate the risks associated with health and safety in the working environment. Safety and being incident free is our priority for our employees and our clients and working closely with our clients to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome and a safe workplace.


Drug and alcohol screening or full medicals, police clearances can be completed if required!

Why sign up with us?

ABK labour hire is very committed to helping you find the job or extra shifts you require whether it be temporary, or contract work you are looking for.


We provide you with the opportunity to access flexible working arrangements, LEARN NEW SKILLS and earn an income in a safe environment. We work hard to have a continuous stream of short and long-term job opportunities with great companies to fill their demand with great supply of people to get the job done at the required high level.


We build the trust and respect of our customers and pride ourselves on being an employer of choice.


Helping you personally


If you want us to try to find you work in your current area or if its time to move let us know your circumstances and we can focus on your requirements.



Registering with us is great idea, as we can contact you first as soon as a suitable position first becomes available there for putting you at the front of the cue.



Volunteering in the community


As we are all aware even with university degrees and or TAFE diplomas it is still difficult to get experienced to get the role you are looking to land. We work with some organisations that will give you some work and the experience you need to move forward in your career.


At ABK we see this as a great way to give something back while also helping people move forward in the careers with great work and life experience.

Check out the latest vacancies & upload your resume to register with us!